Beanfield Metroconnect offers cloud enablement products to empower customers to integrate their networks with AWS seamlessly. If internal resources, MSPs, or your existing vendors aren't able to support Outposts requirements like DX transport, BGP routing, or traffic prioritization and segmentation, Beanfield can provide multiple layers of support and integration as a service with no upfront cost.

CloudRamp for AWS Direct Connect

CloudRamp logo

Beanfield CloudRamp is our managed edge routing solution hosted in the same data centres as the major Amazon Web Services Direct Connect On-Ramps. This product provides BGP, ASN, IP, and Peering all as a service as well as low-latency NAT for Cloud-to-Cloud transit and data transfer to public storage services like AWS S3 and AWS Glacier.

ElasticEdge for AWS Direct Connect

The customer-premises hosted ElasticEdge product suite from Beanfield Metroconnect streamlines the unification of private corporate internal networks with Amazon Web Services. ElasticEdge lowers the customer upfront capital investment and total cost of ownership (TCO) for cloud peering services as well as bridges the "Carrier BGP" knowledge gap required to deploy and manage hybrid cloud peering architectures.

ElasticEdge Router Logo

The ElasticEdge Router is a CPE Top of Rack (TOR) solution that simplifies the gateway, eBGP, and iBGP services required at the edge and inside customer networks for private peering to Amazon Web Services. Beanfield simplifies connectivity to your AWS VPCs (Virtual Private Cloud) using AWS Direct Connect Private VIF connections.

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ElasticEdge Firewall protects and defends internal customer networks using NGFW and DPI/SPI technology and demarcates vulnerable endpoint application traffic with "End User NAT" securing access for public cloud applications from Amazon Web Services delivered over an AWS Direct Connect Public VIF connection.